What is the lifespan of guppies?

guppy-fish-lifespanEver thought about the maximum age that a guppy can live for? If you wish that your precious guppy lives the maximum amount of years possible then there are some certain ways that you will have to care for it so that you can achieve this aim. This article will inform you about those ways. But firstly let us discuss actually how many years can a guppy live precisely for.

If you take excellent care of your precious guppy then it is expected that it will live for among one as well as two years. You need to take the utmost care for your guppy if you wish it to live for this long. Like every living thing, it is vital that it should get proper food so as to be able to live, it also needs to stay comfortably.

Some guppies have been able to live for around four as well as five years. This is often not the case. It has been observed that guppies often tend to live for about one or maybe two years, and in between this also.

How to Keep Good Care of your Guppy so that it is Able to live a Long Life?

If you wish your precious guppy to be able to live for as many years as possible then you need to seriously consider some vital points. These will be explained in detail below.

  1. The Quality of the Water that you Place your Guppy in

If you put your guppy in water that has been treated and is very clean then your guppy is likely to be able to live the maximum amount of years. The poor guppies who do not have good quality water tend to attract many diseases towards them and so they die very quickly.

  1. The Temperature of the Water that the Guppy is Placed in

Guppies thrive when they are put into water that is cool. In water that is cooler, guppies tend to grow at a slow pace and therefore their lifespan is more in comparison to the poor guppies that are placed in water that tends to be warmer. This is an important point to remember when looking after any guppy fish that you have brought.

  1. The Food you Feed the Guppy

Like every other living creature present on this earth, its diet really influences how long it is able to survive for. The same case is present with guppies. Guppies which are given a wonderful nutritious as well as varied diet tend to often live for more time in comparison to ones that are given the same thing to eat constantly. It is therefore necessary to get the vital nutrients required for these specific fish’s if you wish that they can live for the maximum years possible for this type of fish. When you purchase your guppy you can ask the storekeeper to tell you what is the best food to feed your precious guppy? You can also ask what to feed it if you wish to give it a varied diet. In this way your guppy will be able to survive as it will be fit and healthy.

If it is your aim to let your guppies live the maximum amount of years possible then it is vital that you give them water that is of a wonderful quality, a cool water temperature, as well as a diet that tends to be varied as well as very nutritious. In this way your precious guppy will be provided withthe vital requirements that are essential for a guppy to remain healthy. Your guppy may also live for more than two years, you never know.

If you wish, please tell us how many years your precious guppy fish has been able to survive for. It will be a huge pleasure for us as well as our other readers to know this fact. We are very keen to know about any guppies which were able to live for around one as well as two years, pluswhether anyone had a guppy which was able to remain alive for an increasingly long period of time. If anyone is facing problems in making their guppies remain for around a year as well as more then please inform us also. You can tell us all these things in the attractive comments section.


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