Perfect Tank Size for Guppies

If it is your plan to look after guppies then you definitely need to know what size tank is best for guppies. The benefit with guppies arises from the fact that one does not require having a huge tank so that the guppies can live comfortably. Guppies are able to stay happily in tanks that are not very huge. Therefore most individuals are able to afford a tank specifically for guppies. It is also easy to locate a perfect place within your home so as to put this tank.

Nevertheless you cannot put your guppies into any type of bowl as well as tank. You cannot take this as an excuse so as to be carefree concerning what you place your guppies in. You still need to get a guppy tank that is the perfect size so as to be able to comfortably house the amount of guppies that you aim to keep inside it.

One needs to initially decide the amount of guppies that they desire to keep, as well as the ratio precisely of males to females. This will then make it clear what particular tank size will be suitable for you. Guppies tend to reproduce at a fast pace, this fact needs to be remembered as no one wishes their tanks that contains guppies, to become overpopulated.

If you decide that you want to have both male as well as female guppies then consider having three guppies that should make up one group. This is also called “trios.” There should be a minimum of two females precisely for one male. If you want to know why this ratio is good concerning guppies then has a look at our article that discusses about this precise ratio.


If you follow this ratio then you can have precisely 3 guppies that are present within your tank, i.e. one male plus two females. You can also have 6 guppies present within your tank i.e. two males plus four females. If you wish, then you can have nine guppies that are located within your tank, i.e. three males plus six females. You can then follow this ratio if you wish to keep a higher amount of guppies.

When you have been able to figure out the amount of guppies that you wish to have, then you will be able to determine precisely what size will be best for the tank. It is a good idea to have a minimum of one galleon precisely of tank water for every guppy. Initiating at a minimum of precisely 4 galleons. Therefore if you have one “trio” that contains one male as well as two females, then you will require 4 gallons of water. If you have more guppies then you can follow a precise 1:1 ratio. This will then be 6 galleons precisely for 6 guppies; 9 gallons precisely for 9 guppies; and 12 gallons precisely for 12 guppies, and so on.

If you have this much space within your tank then your guppies will have a sufficient amount of space so as to be able to freely swim within the tank, in a way that will not tend to overcrowd the tank. This ratio will also be able to aid in letting your water parameters stay balanced.

You have to remember the fact that guppies have a tendency to reproduce in a facile way. Females are able to have many babies that are known as “fry” all at one time. Anyone who desires to have male as well as female guppies kept together it is vital to plan before so that when the fry havecome into this world, then you know exactly what you want to do with them. You will see for yourself that these guppies will definitely breed. Whoever does not wish their guppies to reproduce then they should place males all by themselves within the tank. They should be no females present within the tank. If you wish to keep females also then you should consider placing them within a separate tank. It is vital to do this if you are not ready to look after many innocent fry that will definitely be produced in tanks that contain both male as well as female guppies.

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