Is it Necessary for a Guppy Tank to Have a Filter?

The function of a filter is to aim in getting rid of waste. It also contains much beneficial bacteria that is able to get rid of pollution that is present within the water that is in a tank. Certain fish including the goldfish are able to give out much waste. For these type of fish it is highly necessary to keep a filter. You may be wondering whether guppies give out much waste so that you could know whether you will require a filter that will be able to keep your tanks’ water clean and safe for your guppies. The choice is yours, if you wish to place a filter in your tank that contains guppies.

No filter present, will not severely harm the innocent guppies, but a filter will aid in keeping the water clean and free from filth. It is an extra precaution that you can take if you wish to provide the utmost care to your innocent guppies. It is vital to remember that no matter what extra features you have added to your guppies’ tank, you still need to change its water.

Actually, it all depends on you if you want your guppies to have a filter present. There are examples of individuals who have been able to keep their guppies within a tank that did not have a filter. Some individuals would find this fact appalling and state that they would never dream of letting their guppies stay with no filter. Personally if you ask us at GFC, then we will suggest that it is a good idea to insert a filter that is small, precisely to the guppy tank.


If you do decide to get a filter then an efficient sponge filter that is powered precisely by an air pump is a good filter to purchase. It is essential that you purchase the correct size specifically for the tank that you have. It is also beneficial to get air pump tubing. If you wish to keep your guppies in water that is clean as well as good for them then consider purchasing these items. Your water will be safe from pollution. You will notice that an efficient sponge filter tends to be good when placed on your guppy tank. This is better in comparison to not placing any filter on your guppy tank. This is because it will aid in letting the water stay a bit cleaner.

Due to the fact that guppies do not give out a lot of waste, you do not need to purchase a filter that is huge as well as strong. When guppies are placed in a tank that has sufficient space, you will notice that they do not give off a lot of waste and therefore will not tend to dirty their water at a fast pace.

Filters that tend to be increasingly powerful may tend to be harmful for the guppies present within the tank. This is because the powerful current produced by the filter may push the guppies within the filter. It can also stick the guppies’upon the side area of the precise filter inlet. It is definitely necessaryto know this fact so that you do not purchase an expensive powerful filter that in fact causes much harm to the precious guppies.

If you do decide to purchase a filter so as to add that extra touch of care then you still need to remember to often change the water that is present within the tank. This is so that the water that is present within the tank does not tend to get much polluted as well as dirty.

Please feel fully free to tell us what your opinions are concerning whether it is a good idea to place a filter in a tank that contains guppies. Please tell us if you do have any filter precisely for your tank that contains guppies. What type of filter is present for your tank that has your guppies? This will aid guppy keepers in deciding what is the best choice so as to be able to care for their precious guppies? Your experience will definitely aid others in forming a proper decision concerning filters for tanks that house guppies.

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