Is it good to Keep One Guppy Only?

Whenever anyone decides to have any pet, they think about whether it is ok to keep this pet by itself, or does it require other members of the same species so as to be able to remain happy as well as to survive. This same question comes into the mind of anyone who is wishing to have a guppy as a pet. There are many reasons why people wish to only keep one pet, for instance they do not have enough space so as to keep more, they cannot handle it when their pets have children, they do not know what to do with these extra pets, etc. If you are planning to keep guppies then you may have wondered whether it is ok to have only one guppy that is all by itself. This is definitely an extremely vital question as one needs to know if a guppy can survive all by itself. This article aims to inform you about whether you can have only one guppy.

Some individuals aim to have only one guppy as they may have an extremely small tank as well as bowl where they aim to keep the guppy. It is not a good idea to keep many guppies in an area that is very small. This is because guppies tend to breed in an extremely easy manner therefore your tank will get overpopulated very soon. This will leadto you facing a problem of where to store the extra guppies. This is an issue that is in the minds of individuals wishing to have a guppy as a pet. No doubt, one gets very concerned that if they only get a guppy that is alone, will it feel lonely all by itself.


Individuals that aim to have only one single guppy tend to have a male guppy as male guppies tend to have more bright happy colors in comparison to the female guppies. Most individuals prefer to add color into their homes. Male guppies can add a bit of color to the home.

If it is your aim to only have one single guppy then you are lucky. This is because it is perfectly possible to look after one guppy that stays by itself in your tank. You can give your full attention to this one guppy and keep it safe for a longer period instead of having many guppies that you cannot control.

If you possess or plan to purchase a tank that will be sufficient enough, one that contains 4 gallons as well as has a proper sponge filter, you can then think about having one special guppy that you can keep as your precious little pet. You should place plants as well as exciting decorations within your tank so that this one guppy will be able to freely swim within the tank observing these things that are present within it. It will not miss having other fish that are of the same species as it.

Overall it is definitely a better idea to purchase a bright male guppy. This is because of its magnificent color in comparison to the duller female guppies. It is also better to purchase a male guppy as you will not know whether the female guppy is pregnant when you have purchased it. It could have gotten pregnant whilst residing within the pet shop. It is very likely that the female guppy may be pregnant as they tend to breed in an extremely facile way. If you do decide to purchase a female guppy you should remember that it may be pregnant, and so do not become shocked when you see many guppies swimming around your tank.

Therefore if you do really aim to have only one single guppy then it is a good idea to purchase a male one that will attract the eyes of your visitors due to its wonderful colors. The choice is yours, you may prefer fish that do not have much color, if so then the female guppy will be perfect for you, but remember to not get frightened if one day you see many guppies swimming within your tank. You will then have to follow certain procedures so as to keep care of these precious babies.

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