How to Tell the Sex of a Guppy?

male-or-female-guppy.A guppy is a very common tropical fish. It is regarded as a very famous freshwater aquarium fish species. If you have a guppy you might be thinking if it is a male or a female one. This is extremely easy to figure out.

There are certain fish which have an appearance that make it rather tough to tell what their sex is. This is because both the sexes tend to look very familiar to each other. When looking at guppies, male guppies tend to look very unlike female guppies, it is therefore rather easy to know what the sex of your guppy is. This article will tell you the appearance of both male as well as female guppies so that you know how to see if your guppy is a male or a female one.

Appearance of Male Guppies

When observing male guppies you will notice that they have huge tails as well fins that are very colorful indeed. They sometimes also have color that is present upon their bodies. Male guppies come in many colors, encompassing red, yellow, blue, orange as well as green. You can also find them having different colors.

Another way to be able to see whether your guppy is a male, is to look if it is quiet small. This is because male guppies tend to be smaller in comparison to female guppies. This does not only concern its length. You will find female guppies which may be nearly twice as long as male guppies. Males are also smaller when looking at these fish’sbodies’ deepness as well as fattiness. You can easily tell a female as females appear huger as well as fatter.

Looking at the anal fin, you will see that this is also different in both sexes. Male’sanal fin is found right under its tail. It is also elongated, skinny as well as pointed.

Appearance of Female Guppies

Coming on to female guppies, you will see that they are not as colorful as male guppies are. Their bodies as well as drab fins are often a pale gray or even silver color. The most color that you should accept from a female guppy is a pale color like light yellow.

Females tend to be huger than their male guppies. You will be able to see this size contrast precisely from a very early age.

When looking at the anal fin, it has been noticed that the females is a visible triangular shape. A dark spot can usually be seen above the vital anal fin in females. The name of this is the gravid spot. It can be seen at the time that female guppies are pregnant. Another fact about female guppies is that they tend to be pregnant often, therefore this spot can be seen often. From this spot one can also tell how pregnant the guppy really is. This is done by observing its size as well as darkness. When the spot increases in size and becomes darker, you will know that the guppy is about to give birth.

Now let us see how exactly can one tell the sex of a guppy. When observing guppies it is essential to look at their:



Observe to see if the fish appears to be increasingly colorful. A colorful one will definitely be a male. If the guppy has a light color then it will be a female.


The next step is to look at the size of the guppy. If the guppy is huge, above an inch in length and is rather weighty then it will be a female. If the guppy is rather minute as well as skinny then it will be a male.

Anal Fin

Coming on to the anal fin, if you see that the anal fin tends to be elongated as well as pointed then it will definitely be a male. If you see that the anal fin tends to be triangular, then the guppy will be a female.

Gravid Spot

If you notice that the guppy has a dark spot which is located precisely above the vital anal fin then the guppy will be a female one. This is because this spot can only be found in pregnant guppies.

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