Guppy fry care: how to look after baby guppies

Guppies are the most popular fish that enthusiasts want to keep in their aquariums. Not because they are easy to look after, or they are pretty looking and neither because they are abundant and found in a lot of areas but because they are beginner fish. Meaning that if you have absolutely no idea about how to take care of fish, or are new to breeding fish, then guppies are your fish!


Poecilia reticulata

As lovely as they are in the aquarium, Guppies can be a handful to take care of if you don’t breed them correctly or you don’t take good care of the ratio between male and female. You cannot have just male guppies or just female guppies in your tank. You need to have a suitable ratio between the male and female so they can live harmoniously, happily and you can breed your guppies in a healthy and safe manner.

When breeding, you need to be extra careful since a slight imbalance between the ratios can tick your guppies off. The Male guppies are a handful, because they have a habit of pestering and bothering their female counterparts. How do they do that? By chasing them around the tank all the time and whenever they get the chance, they display their vibrant colors in front of them so a chance to mate can arise. With all of this hard work that the male guppies are doing, it can more than often stress out female guppies which can be fatal for them. By being under a lot of stress, the female guppies can be prone to their immune system not working efficiently which can cause a lot of health problems which can lead to death as well.

Saying this stresses out the importance of keeping more female guppies in your tank as opposed to having more male guppies. Yes the male guppies are a bit more colorful and vibrant than the females and would give your tank a more colorful look, but having them in abundance can bury your breeding chances. Having less males means that the make guppies will be able to divide their attention to females as opposed to all of them chasing one or two female guppies all the time. Having their attention divided takes the harassing and pestering part away.

Now the question which many beginners often ask: What is the exact and correct guppy ratio and how many male and how many female guppies should be swimming in your tank? The exact number or the exact ratio is a 1:2 male to female guppy. In simpler words, if you are keeping one male guppy in your tank, then you should have two female guppies for him so his attention is divided between the two. This would destress your female guppies by not getting a lot of male attention and let them live happily ever after. Have one male and two female guppies’ means that the two female guppies can take turns in resting.

One problem that arises is that since the male guppies are colorful and more vibrant than the females, many breeders really don’t like having to stick to the ratio mentioned. An alternate is that you can always have only male guppies to give your tank the color you want. But then, you won’t be having babies and won’t be having any fry and neither will your lineage continue. You’ll just need to keep on replacing the guppies if you want an all-male tank! This is a compromise that you would have to make.

This concludes that when you are thinking about breeding guppies, know that you should always think along the lines of the number three. If you want a small family of guppies, start from three, consisting of two female guppies and one male. If you want a slightly larger family, then go for 2 males and four females, and so on. Just make sure that you have an appropriate size tank so your guppies can move freely and if they breed, they have a lot of space to do so and you won’t have to be buying new tanks every time a female lays eggs.


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