Guppy fish Food – What foods can guppies eat?

feeding-guppy-fishTo know how to care for your guppy, an important part is to know what should be fed to your guppy and making sure that your beloved guppies eat the right food. The right type of food would ensure you’re your guppy thrive and grow healthy whereas giving the wrong food could give them health problems and may be bad for your guppies.

This article will focus on the various type of food that you can give to your fish. This isn’t all about the classic fish food but also the extra treats that you can use as a supplement for your guppy. We also talk about what is the right amount to feed your guppies and how often should they be fed.

What is guppy food? Is it different to other fish food?
As a foundation for their diet, you can give your guppies the classic fish flakes. Along with the flakes remember to add other things such as live or freeze-dried foods. Look out for the tropical flake food in the aisles which is made for tropical fish like guppies. Go for either Omega One Super Color or Tetra Color Tropical Flakes.

If you don’t find tropical food then don’t worry. You can feed them various types of flakes since they usually are very similar to what other fishes eat.

Pellet fish foods are also an option although they are too large for the guppies. There are special smaller pallets found which are made for small mouthed fish like the guppies. Just remember that the flakes are foundation food.

What other foods can guppies eat?

You can feed other things to guppies apart from flakes. Vegetables, live and freeze dried food is another option.

Here is a list of freeze dried food that you can feed your guppy:

  • Brine Shrimp
  • Bloodworms
  • Daphnia

The danger for feeding live food is that your guppy might catch diseases. This is why freeze dried food is advised. They aren’t that nutritious but can save your guppies from diseases.

You can feed veggies to guppies as well.

  • Lettuce
  • Peas
  • Cucumber

How much food should guppies eat?

Feeding the right amount is crucial since overfeeding can harm your fish. Guppies have stomachs which are just the size of their eyes! Overfeeding your guppy can block their intestines. To know if you have overfed your guppy, look out for a trail of poop!

Feed your guppies small portions about once or twice a day. Add tiny and minute pinches of food in your tank and never add more than what your guppy can eat. Leaving food in the tank after feeding can pollute your tank and also rot it. After feeding make sure to remove any excess of food.

Note that the metabolism of your guppy will slow down if you keep them in low temperature water. Keep them in warmer water so they eat just right.

Always remember, you can’t do much harm to a fish by underfeeding it, but can cause a lot of harm by over feeding it.

How long can guppies live without food?

It all depends on the age and health, as well as temperature to determine how long guppies can survive without food. For an approximate guess, you can say that about a week. Keep them without food for more than a week and you’ll kill them

If you’re going on a holiday, then buy an automatic fish feeder which will feed your guppy at set intervals. There is a risk with it since there is a chance that your feeder might release a lot of food or little food. You can choose keeping a feeding block if you aren’t comfortable with a feeder, but know that blocks can cause your water to get murky and disturb the water parameters.

Ask your friend or your neighbor to feed your guppy, they might not know about the feeding patterns of a guppy so make sure you tell them the patterns and teach them before you hand over the reins. Dish out the amount of food beforehand to minimize the risk.

Where to buy guppy food

The food from the supermarket tends to be of low quality. Get your guppy food online by well-known brands such as Tetra, Hagen or Hikari.

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