Do guppies sleep? When do they sleep and how can you tell?

do-guppies-sleepDo guppies sleep? If so, when do guppies sleep, how do they sleep and how can you tell that they are sleeping?

The question that various people who have guppies in their tank ask, whether or not their beloved guppies catch a wink at night or are they super fish that can go on without ever sleeping. In this article, we will be giving you everything related to whether or not guppies sleep or not, if they do, how long do they sleep for and what are the key factors to tell whether or not your guppy is sleeping. We will also be telling you about indications to help you detect whether or not your guppy is sleeping at the moment or not.

Do guppies sleep?

Yes! Guppies indeed are like us and they do sleep. Although all fish do sleep and have their own sleeping patterns, they aren’t exactly like us in this sleeping manner. Guppies sleep in a more fish sleeping way as opposed to human sleeping. Guppies in fact rest. They are more alert while taking a nap as opposed to human beings. Many scientists are still a bit unsure about why guppies sleep but many have a theory suggesting that they sleep because they need to conserve energy.

When do guppies fall asleep?

Guppies are classified into being diurnal fish. That is they sleep at night and prefer sleeping in the dark. Although guppies are able to fall asleep at any time of the day but they will only do so if the atmosphere or the surrounding is dark, and imitates the night. Don’t be surprised if you enter a dark room and find your guppies snoring (well not really snoring) away. If you have an aquarium that has a light source inside it, make sure you turn it off at night so that you and your guppy can sleep away the night and conserve energy and have tons of energy to swim around and do guppy stuff. Be extra careful in remembering that you need to turn off the aquarium light and the room’s light as well so that the Guppies can sleep, not doing so will make them lethargic and there is a risk of emerging health conditions.

How do guppies sleep?
Guppies may be like us human beings in some way that they sleep at night but unlike human beings, they do not possess eyelids which doesn’t allow them to close their eyes. Because they can’t close their eyes you cannot use this as an indicator to know how guppies sleep. The best way to know if your guppy is sleeping by seeing if it is resting on the gravel or the surface of the tank or if they are floating above the surface. Beware if you see your guppy floating in broad daylight, there may be a chance that your guppy is not sleeping but is suffering through some problem. Although pregnant guppies do have a habit of resting during the day by floating above the gravel, but if your guppy is not expecting, then consult a pet or a fish expert.

How can you tell that a guppy is sleeping?
As mentioned above the top indicator to know whether or not your guppy is sleeping by seeing if it is floating above the gravel or any surface or if it is resting on the surface as well. If your guppy is resting then it will not be as active and won’t be swimming around but will be floating in just one space. Also don’t get alarmed if you don’t see you guppy moving, when resting, it won’t be moving a lot. You can expect it to twitch a bit or maybe flick its fin a bit. This tiny movement is for stability in the water. The spot that your guppy will choose to sleep will be at the bottom of the tank and just near the base.

ALWAYS NOTE: always always keep an eye out to see if there is an unusual sleeping pattern for your guppy. Guppies DO NOT sleep or rest in broad day light. They do not move around when sleeping. If you note any irregularity in a pattern, then a visit to the vet is a necessity.


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