Are Plants as well as Gravel Necessary for Guppies?

If you have guppies you will wish for them to be able to reside comfortably within their tank. You might be wondering if guppies require having plants as well as gravel present within the tank.

Many fish prefer tanks which have a vast amount of gravel so that they can swim within this. They also prefer many plants so that they can hide behind these. You may have guppy fish and are wondering whether they love having many plants as well as gravel. This is so that you can decorate your tank adequately, whether to keep it rather empty or place many plants as well as gravel.

It all depends on you,precisely if your tank is large enough, whether you want to place plants plus gravel within it. Guppies have no problem residing within tanks which have plants plus gravel. It also is not a necessary condition for your tank if you have guppies in it.


There are some points to know if you wish to insert plants as well as gravel into your tank that has guppies:

  • Observe your tank very carefully to see if it is large enough so that plants as well as gravel can be placed easily into it, without presenting an overcrowding issue. If the tank that has your guppies is a relatively small tank then it is a good idea if you do not place plants plus gravel into it as this will take up vital water space that should be available for the guppies.
  • You have to think about how long you wish to spend in the process of making your tank clean. It is more tough cleaning a tank that has gravel present within it in comparison to a tank that is empty at the bottom. This is because waste tends to go amongst the pieces of gravel. This will then require you to clean out this waste by hoovering it up. If you do not do this then the water present within your tank will definitely get increasingly polluted.
  • You will also have to know which kinds of plants are perfect for your precise tank, particularly if you have decided to have live plants placed within it. This is essential as you do not want your plants to die within the tank and become a source of pollution. You will also have to think about whether you have appropriate amounts of space, nutrition as well as light for these live plants. This is due to the fact that live plants require these ingredients so as to be able to survive.
  • You will need to consider how your tank will look the most aesthetically satisfactory. It is your choice whether you prefer a tank that has a busy look to it or one that does not have much within it.

Another fact to remember is that guppies prefer sleeping towards the bottom area of the tank. They wish to relax on or a bit higher than the surface. If you look at this point then you will see that an empty glass surface tends to be increasingly relaxing for guppies to sleep on instead of a rough gravel surface. The utmost concern in fact is having an environment within the tank that the guppies find very pleasing as well as relaxing.

If you still wish to have plants as well as gravel placed inside your tank as you like the natural look that it creates, but are still worried when thinking about the cleanliness as well as comfort issues of gravel, you can think about putting sand within your tank. Sand tends to look amazing, it is also easier to clean, moreover it tends to be much softer as well as cozier when your guppies wish to sleep against it.

We wish to know if you have put plants as well as gravel within your tank, or if you decided to put sand inside it. Please tell us if your tank is one that has an empty bottom and a look that is minimalist. This information will aid Guppy Fish Care individuals to be able to look after their fish. Please tell us about all of this within the comments section.

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