Do guppies lay eggs?

Do-guppies-lay-eggsYou may have wondered whether your precious guppies are able to lay eggs or not? This particular question has popped into the minds of many individuals. When asked, lots of people say that they think that guppies do indeed lay eggs. In fact lots of people think that there is no fish present on this earth that is able to give birth precisely to a live young fish. It is vital to know whether yourguppy does indeed lay eggs or not, so that you will know what to expect in your tank. You also need to know so that you will be ready for when your guppy is about to give birth. This article aims to help you in this.

Let us firstly answer the question of whether guppies are able to lay eggs. No, they do not have the ability to lay eggs. It is vital to know this fact so that you do not become shocked when you see a small guppy suddenly appearing in your tank.

It is known that a lot of fish do indeed lay eggs, therefore lots of people come to the conclusion that guppies do in fact lay eggs. But this is totally wrong. Not only guppies, but there are also other fish in the ocean who in fact are not capable of laying eggs. They precisely are able to give birth specifically to “live” fish.

Guppies’ babies are called “fry.” They are able to swim immediately when they come into this world. They have no egg that surrounds them, in fact as soon as they come out, they immediately begin swimming. There is a special name for fish who are able to give birth precisely like this, namely “livebearers.”

Whoever’s aim is to precisely breed guppy fish should know clearly that they are livebearers. This is so that one can be fully ready so as to be able to look after the precious guppy fry immediately when it comes into this world.

Looking After the Fry

There are some methods that one should follow so as to enable that a fry survives life in the tank. Food is a vital requirement that the fry will require. You will have to go out and purchase some food precisely for the precious fry.

The fry will also require their very own tank. This is a vital requirement as these baby guppies tend to be minute as well as extremely tiny. Other bigger fish that are present within the tank are attracted to eating these vulnerable fish.

You might be shocked by this next fact, but mother guppies are also such that they can eat their very own fry immediately as soon as it comes out. It is therefore extremely necessary to take out these fry from the dangerous tank as soon as they come out. When you notice that your female guppy has reached the stage where it is about to give birth, then you should be alert of the happenings within your tank. This is so that you will be able to take out the baby fry before it becomes too late. You can then enjoy the experience of feeding this precious fry the adequate nutrients and caring for it in a good manner so that it can live the maximum amount of years possible.

As these babies will be in a new tank you will have to give them adequate food so they can have something to eat. You need to keep their water also clean as well as cool, i.e. the perfect temperature for them to prosper. You should also try to have excellent quality of water present within the tank so that it is perfect for these initially helpless fry. You can watch as these fry grow, and when you feel that it is the perfect time for them to go into the tank with all the other fish, then you can put them back into the other tank. When you see that the fry are bigger in comparison to the various other guppies’ mouths then it is safe for these fry to experience the world in the other tank with all the other fish which are present within it.

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